Art Coordinators

Rachel Opinsky

Rachel Opinsky, an Arizona native moved to Oracle with her husband Michael in 2005 after retiring from the teaching profession in Tempe.

Holding a Masters of Elementary Education degree and undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education, she taught both preschool and elementary education. She also mentored and taught College of Education undergraduate students.

Rachel is an active member of two auxiliary boards with the Oracle Fire Department. She is a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member and Co-chairs the Oracle Firewise Board. She is also a member of the Pinal County Triad Group on Senior Citizens and the Disabled.

A former and founding Oracle Piano Society board member, Rachel has played an integral role in the organization since its inception.

Rachel enjoys outdoor activities such as gardening, river rafting, camping and hiking and is a watercolorist.

Jill Caid

Oracle artist Jill Caid works primarily in watercolor, pastel, and pen and ink. Her inspiration comes from the beauty, light, and movement of the landscapes that surround us, and her joy is in creating paintings that speak to her and others. Jill recalls being excited by design and color as a child, but was unable to study and learn art until later in life. She enjoys taking workshops and learning new techniques.

For the past ten years Jill has been a member of WEGO, which is a local group of seven artists who gather weekly to paint and share ideas and experiences. She also participates and helps organize the annual Oracle Artist Studio Tour, OAST, held every April, and the annual Holiday Market between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Jill co-chairs the Visual Arts Committee of the Oracle Center for the Arts.

Jill’s paintings have been shown at numerous individual and group showings at locations such as the Oracle Patio Café, Trowbridge Hall, and the Oracle Center for the Arts. She may be contacted at 520-896-2878.


Art Gallery open hours: Saturday 10 am -4 pm, Sunday noon - 4 pm

Art Exhibit: Judy Walsh and Carol Goldberg

“Over the Edge”

Feb. 8 to March 29, 2020

Opening Reception

Sat., Feb. 15, 4:00 to 5:30 PM

Oracle Center for the Arts

700 Kingston St.

Oracle, AZ 85623


Encaustic is an ancient beeswax based medium containing pigments. It was used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians in the 1st Century B.C. and is now finding popularity with contemporary artists who are attracted by its versatility.

My work is about that which lies below the surface....the hidden, the unconscious, the surreal. Painting spontaneously without plan, I respond directly to the paint, color and texture. Like a young child, I discover what I am painting while I paint; images form and reform, dissolve and resolve in a non-logical way. As ideas and forms are discarded, major destruction takes place. I often flip the plane and work upside down removing layers of paint to expose previous textures, figures and forms. Over time, shapes and symbols reappear without my conscious decision to use them.

As an artist, my work is the process I go through to trick and frustrate that part of me that follows rules, uses logic and sees the world “the way it really is.”


Carol grew up in Montreal, Canada and moved to the US 30 years ago; first to Pennsylvania and 10 years ago to Arizona. She painted and drew the human figure for many years but since moving to Arizona has mostly worked in clay.

She creates both functional and sculptural works of art; but her heart lies in creating sculptures of the human figure. The figures range from characters that are whimsical to those that convey a political/social message. While some figures stand alone, others are shown interacting with a second or multiple figures.

Carol tries to capture the spirit of what she is sculpting: the figure evolves slowly as she manipulates the clay. She may start with an idea; however, the end result comes from the dialogue she has with the clay as she builds. As the idea evolves it becomes a conversation between her and the clay. In the end, she hopes that the sculpture will speak to those that view it.